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Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market

While Lincoln County has not had the same kind of growth that Flathead or Gallatin County have experienced this year, there have still been a lot of changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three stats from 406MLS.com that give us some insight into what is happening in the Northwest corner ofContinue reading “Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market”

Is Montana Booming?

Montana is firmly in the crosshairs of migrating tech workers with high paying jobs and disposable income to spend looking for a new home.   COVID-19, civil unrest, high costs of living and low quality of life has them leaving big cities around the country.   Their newfound ability to work remotely has them looking for newContinue reading “Is Montana Booming?”

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Bugle Radio is on the Air!

It’s a combination of music and mischief from Madison County, Montana and it is live for your listening pleasure today. Join Montana Bugle publisher Mati Bishop in an exploration of American music and life in Montana. It’s exclusively on Spotify and you must be a Spotify Premium listener to get the full versions of theContinue reading “Bugle Radio is on the Air!”

The Kootenai Project Chapter 3 – Approaching the Breaking Point

The CARD clinic office was packed again.   Dr. Whyte had been out for three days and the backlog of patients waiting to be seen was getting out of control.   People were sick, people were scared and all Julie Reynolds could do was sit at the front desk, nearing her breaking point, and listenContinue reading “The Kootenai Project Chapter 3 – Approaching the Breaking Point”

The Kootenai Project Chapter 2 – Questions without Answers

“Americano?”“Yep.”“Big one?”“Yep.”“To go?”“Yep.” The scene played out pretty much the same every morning.  Neil Roberts stopped for coffee between 8-8:15 every day on his way to work.   Sheila Priest ran through the basic questions that highlighted the only subtle changes in Neil’s daily routine.    Today was going to be a bit different.   “TheyContinue reading “The Kootenai Project Chapter 2 – Questions without Answers”