All Hail the Kings and Queens of Carve

Wind whips across your face as you drop hard into a big sweeping turn.   Gravity pushes you into the chalky, groomed, “corduroy” snow as you your edge grabs and tears at its surface bringing you back around into a long traverse across the run so you can experience it all again on the other side. 

Carving is paramount to the joy of snowboarding and the Montucky Clear CUT is the ultimate celebration of carving culture within the snowboard community.   Set in the hidden treasure that is Turner Mountain Ski Area outside of Libby, MT, the event ensures that carving is at the forefront of the snowboarding experience in a way that no other event or resort can making it a bucket list trip for snowboard carving diehards everywhere.  

The bane of a good day of carving is traffic coming from uphill using narrower faster cuts down the slope.   The Montucky solves this problem with one simple rule, no passing.   That lets the carver focus on the joy of the turn without having to be vigilant about assaults from uphill by fast movers.  

The no passing rule would lead to long wait times on any other slope, but the Montucky has solved that problem by renting the entire resort of Turner Mountain and limiting the number of boarders on the 2100 vertical feet of terrain to about 100.  

If that wasn’t enough to peak the interest of every serious snowboarder within 1000 miles, they Montucky has also created an atmosphere around the event that celebrates the snowboard and snowboard carving with classes, demos, giveaways, a banquet and other events that bring the snowboard community together.  

The conductor of this carving collaboration is Dave Redman, a Libby, MT native who has committed to treating his carving community to a great event that supports his home town community as well.   

Redman is joined in his effort by the support of sponsors like Prinoth Snow Groomers, who brings an extra groomer to Turner Mountain for the event to ensure that conditions are perfect for the start of every day.   A host of snowboard and apparel companies as well as local sponsors have stepped up to support the event and create something that celebrates the art of the carve.  

The entire event is a fundraiser for Turner Mountain, which is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers.   Specific support is dedicated to their ski patrol and their efforts to keep boarders and everyone else on the mountain safe.  

Ready to head out and be part of the event?   Learn more about registration and special travel deals at 

Published by Mati Bishop

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