Three Tips for Success When Selling Your Home

We are in a sellers’ market right now, but that doesn’t mean that selling your home is going to easy, unless you make the right moves with your listing.  Here are three tips that will help you ensure you get the best value for your property. 

Pricing is Everything
A properly priced home will move quickly in this market.   An overpriced home will not move at all.  A seller’s market is not an invitation to get greedy.  Price your home appropriately and you will reap the rewards of the market quickly.  

Market at Internet Speed
It is more likely than ever before that the person purchasing your home will not set foot inside it before the deal closes.   You must be able to reach potential buyers online and have an agent who is capable of providing the online information and experience needed for out of area buyers to make a decision.  

Qualify Your Buyers
Accepting an offer from the wrong buyer can be a huge mistake.   An unqualified buyer can tie up your home for months and not result in a sale.  Having an agent who can ask the right questions to ensure you are accepting the best offer is

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