Destination Coffee: Aunt T’s Coffee Corner in Libby

Off the beaten path is exactly where Randa Holm and Aunt T’s Coffee Corner like to be.    In a town full of drive through espresso catering to those passing through on Highway 2, Aunt T’s is a sanctuary for folks who yearn to slow down, sit down and be at piece with their caffeine consumption.   

Randa took over ownership of Aunt T’s in Summer of 2018 and has kept the shop in the same spirit that it was started by Aunt T (Tracy Vincent) and her husband Martin.    It’s homey, crafty and welcoming.   Especially on a cold Montana day.   There’s plenty of space to meet with a group of folks, have a conversation or hideout in a corner with the fastest internet connection available in Libby.  

Randa did make one change when she took over.   She changed the provider of the shop’s espresso beans from Montana Coffee Traders to Libby’s own Camp Creek Coffee Roasters to make the Aunt T’s experience uniquely and completely Libby centered.   

The espresso is rich with a velvet mouth feel that you  can’t wait to experience with every sip.   Their drip coffee is a favorite for meetings and brings a dark caramel impression to the palette that locals love.    All created with care and served with friendly smiles by Randa and her long-time employee and friend Rachel Rebo.  

Aunt T’s is also a popular destination for a quick breakfast or lunch.   The quiche they serve from Gracious Table in Libby is a favorite.   If you are in the mood for something sweet, you must have the cookie butter rolls, also baked fresh by Gracious Table.   Buy an extra one for the road, you’ll thank me later.  

If you are lucky enough to be in Libby on a day that Randa makes pulled pork, don’t miss it.   If you are not, the soups, paninis and chicken salad sandwiches are all popular and all bring back repeat customers.  

If coffee isn’t your jam, that’s cool.   Aunt T’s offers up a gourmet variety of tea as well as a collection of creative energy drink concoctions that are favorites among the locals for an afternoon pick me up.  If it’s Summer time, you must have a lemon squeeze.   Even more so if it is a huckleberry lemon squeeze, they are quite simply to die for.  

One day Randa is going to leave the coffee business and open an animal sanctuary.   Until then, its up to you to get off the beaten path next time you are passing through Libby and discover this hidden gym.   Once you’ve been there, you’ll go back.  

Published by Mati Bishop

406 Paddles founder, artist and ambassador.

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