Sweet Potatoes for Athletes and Everyone

Sweet potatoes are the secret weapon when it comes to cooking for guests who are athletically inclined.  We’re not talking about the marshmallow covered yam dish that comes with Thanksgiving dinner, we’re talking about a flavorful and super healthy addition to my culinary arsenal that is higher in fiber and lower on the glycemic index than other kinds of potatoes.  

My go to dish for breakfast is sweet potato hash.  I love this because it is so flexible and fried sweet potatoes taste amazing.   Usually I incorporate leftover meats or veggies from the night before with fried sweet potatoes and top it all with some scrambled eggs.    You can use bacon or sausage as well. 

Sweet potatos are high in fiber, which means they will release their sugars more slowly in the digestive track than foods with less fiber.   Over time, you get a more consistent source of energy which keeps the blood sugar from spiking and falling as quickly as faster burning sugars and starches.  

An Olympic hopeful I worked with would bake a sweet potato and eat it with two tablespoons of almond butter and cinnamon when he needed a filling but light meal before a difficult workout.   You don’t have to be a high level athlete to get the benefits of sweet potatoes.   Everyone can benefit from slow burning carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar.   Grab a couple and experiment on your own.  

Published by Mati Bishop

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