The American Bill of Responsibilities

Our founding fathers laid a groundbreaking path forward for us as a nation that values freedom and liberty when they created the bill of rights.   The first 10 amendments to the Constitution only create half the foundation needed for us to manage the wealthiest populace in the history of the World.  

With rights come responsibilities.   We hold these responsibilities to be self-evident that in order to continue to be a free people living in unprecedented prosperity, we must accept these personal responsibilities.  

1.   Be active and informed voters with the ability to compromise for the common good
Democracy cannot exist without informed voters.   It is the responsibility of the individual to understand and make decisions on what approach to difficult issues is best for themselves, their community and the nation.   In instances where voters hold differing opinions, it is their responsibility to reach a compromise that will provide for all viewpoints in the best possible manner.  This responsibility cannot be delegated to a political party or organizational affiliation.  

2.  Spend money with the intention of creating the community they want to live in
Every dollar spent by American consumers has an impact on their community, the nation and the World.   It is the responsibility of the individual to invest in the World they want to live in with their spending habits.   This responsibility cannot be delegated to corporations or government bodies. 

3.  Provide for themselves and their family
An American is responsible for providing essentials for themselves and their family to the best of their ability.   This includes food, shelter, education and emotional support.   This responsibility cannot be delegated to a government, religious or community organization.   

4.  Respect, protect and support their neighbors in times of need.
Americans must recognize the individual right of their neighbors to believe, worship and live differently than they do.  In times of crisis and uncertainty Americans are responsible for ensuring the well being of their neighbors.   Regardless of differences of lifestyle or opinion, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure the emotional and financial wellbeing of their neighbors.

5.  Invest personally in the education of the children in their community. 
The responsibility for the educational well being of future Americans is the responsibility of every individual that experiences the benefits of past educational efforts.   Americans must invest in their youth with time, energy and money.   This individual responsibility in in addition to mandates for government agencies, organizations and corporations to do the same.    

6.  Maintain their personal physical and mental health. 
To be an effective citizenry, Americans must be responsible for maintaining their own physical and mental health.   This responsibility cannot be delegated to their community, the government or corporations.  

7.  Understand and accept the consequences of their actions
Every adult American regardless of their education, income or societal standing is responsible for the consequences of their own actions.   This includes actions that have civil and criminal repercussions as well as actions that involve their personal well being and the well being of their family.   Blame for individual actions may not be passed along to a third party without proof of intent to harm by the third party.  

8.  Maintain an environment that respects the right to existence of all creatures
Americans cannot exist without the complicated natural systems that support the World around us.  Individuals are responsible for living and consuming in a way that allows for the existence and success of all native species.   Americans are responsible for understanding they are a part of the natural environment and not a master of it.    

Americans have built unprecedented prosperity and enjoy individual freedoms that are unlike any experienced through the history of mankind.   The power of man has developed to a point where in order to keep these freedoms without the destruction of our society, we must accept the responsibilities listed in this declaration as true and live up to these responsibilities to the best of our ability.   Not doing so will lead to the end of the American way of life.    

Published by Mati Bishop

406 Paddles founder, artist and ambassador.

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