Canna Connection Starts the New Year with 8 Strains over 30% THC

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Recreational cannabis sales start for everyone over 21 years old in the state of Montana on January 1, 2022. Cannabis production license holders have spent the last year preparing for the new market and Canna Connection in Ennis and Butte are reaping the rewards of that preparation with a crop that includes 8 strains that tested over 30% THC by Fidelity Labs in Missoula. Here is a look at what they are offering:

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Master Gorilla Glue 32.4% THC
The Gorilla Glue strains are known for their high potency, so it is no surprise to see Master Gorilla Glue on the list. This powerful indica dominant hybrid is used by some for pain relief and as a powerful sleep aid. Don’t make plans for after you puff on this one.

Skywalker Kush 30.89% THC
The growers at Canna Connection must have been using the Force when they put out this crop of Skywalker Kush. This heavy indica known for inducing pleasant body tingles and relieving pain usually tests between 18-25% THC. This crop has outperformed the strain.

White Tahoe Cookies 33.7% THC
What the hell is a white Tahoe cookie? In this case it is the star of the Canna Connection lineup. A powerful indica dominant hybrid that is renowned for having a pleasant flavor. At 33.7%, this is a harvest that is best used by experienced consumers only.

Wedding Pie 30.83% THC
Wedding Pie is a shining example of craft cannabis. This indica leaning hybrid was created by Cannarado Genetics and is renowned for the complexity of its flavor and in this case its potency.

Banana Cookies 33.35% THC
According to, Banana Cookies is known to test at about 21% THC. Somebody forgot to tell the grow team at Canna Connection that. They produced big, burley plants that are pumping out pure, delicious fire.

Zoolato 31.94% THC
Zoolato is a relatively unknown indica leaning hybrid. After Gelato was named the strain of the year in 2018, variations of the strain took off in all directions. This one landed at Canna connection with stunning results.

Super Glue 32.2% THC
This strain is a distant relative of the legendary Northern Lights and brings pleasant but powerful relaxing indica vibes to the smoker. It’s got a sweet flavor with hints of pine.

Sundae Driver 31.93% THC
This strain at this potency will have you cruising like a convertible on a sunny day. Unlike most of the powerful hybrids on the list, Sundae Driver brings equal parts sativa and indica effects to their hybrid. The result is a great buzz that might just let you off the couch.

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