All of the Flower, None of the Smoke with the Wulf Next Vaporizer

What if you could smoke weed without smoking weed? It’s a tempting, true and not quite accurate statement all rolled into one. The Wulf Next does indeed allow consumption of marijuana flower without burning the flower so you don’t have carbon and tar from burning your weed in your lungs. For an old school smoker, it just isn’t the same.

The Wulf Next is sleek, easy to use and will get you plenty high. It can be used indoors with minimal odor and uses pure flower instead of concentrates or oils. No one in their right mind is going to tell you that any sort of marijuana consumption is without risk, but taking the smoke and tar out of the consumption process can’t be a bad thing for your lungs.

The biggest negative that I can find about using the Wulf Next is that it just isn’t smoking. The flavors and feelings that have become like an old friend are not there. For a person with no relationship to the tastes, smells and processes of smoking, this is a no brainer. Choose the vape every time. For those of us who love to smoke, choose the vape most of the time.

The Wulf Next is available online and at Canna Connection in Ennis, MT

Published by Mati Bishop

Publisher of #FiercelyFree

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