Start Your Day with a Tribe of Mentors

Advice is easy to come by, great advice, not so much. Thanks to bestselling author and podcaster Tim Ferris, you can start your day with easy to digest nuggets of advice from a collection of the most successful people in the World.

The variety of contributors to the Tribe of Mentors is as varied as it is impressive. Former Navy Seal and leadership trainer Jocko Willink, World famous chef Eric Rippert, activist actor Ashton Kutcher and skateboard icon Tony Hawk are a few of the names that you might recognize. The list will also include plenty of names you don’t recognize with new ideas and advice. I found a great reading list compiled by Wired Magazine co-founder Kevin Kelley that I would never have come across otherwise.

The format of the book is simple and consistent. Ferris presents the contributors answers to some of the better questions from his popular podcast The Tim Ferris Show to format the advice in a manner that allows the reader to see the unique approach that each contributor illustrates with their responses.

This isn’t a cover to cover read. This is more of a companion for your morning coffee and meditation. A useful additon to your book shelf that you will go back to again and again.

Published by Mati Bishop

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