Why You Should Jump Off the Fence and Vote Yes on the Ennis School Bond, Even if You Don’t Have Kids

It’s not often smart to pay for something that you aren’t going to use. It’s easy to see that approach to voting on something like a school bond. If you don’t have kids or grandkids in the school system, why would you want to raise your taxes to pay for other people’s children? Here are a couple ways that the school bond could benefit you.

  1. Better schools bring better people to the area.
    One of the first things that people with children look at when considering moving to an area is the quality of the schools. Better schools will bring better talent for local businesses, a higher quality of entrepreneur and better candidates for leadership in the community. A aged school utilizing temporary classrooms or excess commercial space for their classrooms is not likely to bring the same quality of people as one that is modern and complete.
  2. Better people create better communities.
    This is not only an extrapolation of the point above, but also applies to the quality of education that our students are entering the community with. Of course, infrastructure can’t educate students, but it can help to retain and attract high quality educators to invest in our children. It will also make it more desirable for our young adults to stay local and raise their own families here knowing that they are sending them into a quality and supported education system.
  3. Investing in education is a trademark of a future minded community
    The cost of the bond is roughly $33 a year per $100,000 of taxable value on each home in the school district. Think of the last time you spent more than $33. Was it at the Long Branch? G Bar? Willies? Amazon? Was it an investment in the future of your community? Odds are good that it wasn’t and odds are also good that most of us can afford to make the investment in the future of our community. It’s a small price towards leaving a better experience for the future residents of Ennis.

No school bond has ever been perfect. There will almost certainly be difficulty in the implementation of the program. This bond appears well thought out and will be implemented by a group of professionals who deserve our faith in their ability to work through the adversity.

It’s a good move for the entire community to invest in our children, even if for no other reason than the message it sends to our residents and future residents. We are a community looking to the future and we are going to improve upon this place.

Published by Mati Bishop

406 Paddles founder, artist and ambassador.

One thought on “Why You Should Jump Off the Fence and Vote Yes on the Ennis School Bond, Even if You Don’t Have Kids

  1. $33 is only an estimate… and let us not forget that if BS annexes themselves that number will grow exponentially since they’re on the hook for 87% of the $59 million.

    Go back to the drawing board and consider a conservative approach to this upgrade, and wait till inflation is down.

    The school’s facade does not influence a child’s ability to learn so we don’t need a Bozeman city council approach to the facade.

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