Keyboard Commando Cage Combat

The Keyboard Commando Fight Nights series creates events where people can find an outlet for their social media angst in sanctioned, safe, amateur fights against other keyboard commandos. The keyboard commandos can use their fight publicity to raise money for a cause, themselves or their community.


  1. Provide an entertaining venue to get people who disagree together to build respect and promote understanding through the development of personal relationships.
  2. Create a fundraising opportunity for not for profit organizations, local businesses and individuals.
  3. Give motivation to individuals who are active social media users to enter a fitness program.


Scheduling Events
Events are scheduled in a location 3-4 months before the event date.

Issuing and Accepting Challenges
Once an event is scheduled, an open call for competitors is put out. Interested competitors can issue challenges, or put a call out for challengers. After the call out time for competitors in complete, the event organizers will choose which fights to accept to the fight card for the event based on criteria including fitness of the fighters, interest in the bout and causes being supported.

Placing “Bets”
After the fight card is established, the competitors are encouraged to begin training and promoting their fight by soliciting “bets” on the fight. “Bets” are donations made by individuals on the outcome of the fight. The total amount of “bets” collected by the fighters goes into a pot and the winner of the fight gets a higher percentage of the pot donated to their cause. The loser’s cause receives a lesser amount from the pot.

Fight Night
The day of the event the competitors participate in a sanctioned bout consisting of three three minute rounds with an audience, qualified referee, judges and a fight doctor on hand.

The Truth
I don’t know if this piece is satire or not. My gut tells me this could be a project that brings together people who take to their keyboards to disagree with various levels of rhetoric to participate in a healthy fundraiser for their community. My gut also tells me that this could be a ridiculous idea. Drop me a comment with your thoughts.

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