“The United States has No Legal or Moral Obligation to come to the aid of either side in this foreign conflict.” -Representative Matt Rosendale (R MT)

Montana’s only member of the US House of Representatives, Matt Rosendale, has introduced legislation that will ban any aide for the Ukraine until the Southern Border of the United States is “secured” according to govtrackinsider.com

From GovTrackInsider.com:

The Secure America’s Borders First Act would ban the use of federal dollars to assist Ukraine until the U.S.-Mexico border achieves “operational control,” including a border wall as per former President Donald Trump’s famous campaign pledge. (The bill even requires the wall be at least 30 feet tall.) It was introduced in the House on February 8 as H.R. 6648, by Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT0).

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While few will question that there is an immigration crisis on the southern Border of the United States. Few outside of the nine Republicans who introduced the bill on February 8th, prior to the Russian invasion, will be able to equate how the crisis relates to discouraging or stopping a dictator from taking over the largest democracy by land mass in Europe by force.

On day 1 of the Russian invasion, Rosendale doubled down on not acting until the border crisis is solved in a press release. In addition to indicating the the United States has no legal or moral obligation to intervene, he went on to compare the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the “invasion taking place in our country by millions of illegal aliens.”

While Rosendale’s commitment to solving the border crisis is admirable, using it to call for America to stand aside and allow Russia to take over a sovereign democratic state and ally of the United States may just prove that the nuance of governance is a little too much for him. Most Montanans will easily see the difference between a refuge crisis and an armed invasion by a military superpower.

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