Ode to Gelato: A Delicious Strain that is Easy to Grow

One of the best experiences that I have had in recent memory is an evening stretch complimented by a puff of Gelato #41. My mind was crystal clear and I could feel and relax every tight or aching muscle in my body. It was better than any massage or chiropractic adjustment that I could have asked for that evening.

Gelato is a just barely Indica dominant hybrid, which explains the intense connection I had with my body. The surprise of the experience was how razor sharp and alert my mind felt. Throughout the stretch I was uplifted and grateful.

Try Gelato for Yourself
The Gelato #41 I got was from Canna Connection and tested at about 26.5% THC. You can get your hands on this new signature strain from their Ennis cultivation center at CannaConnectionMT.com.

Gelato is Easy to Grow Your Own
Gelato is a really beautiful cannabis cultivar featuring a variety of colors from deep purple and red to bright green. It is available in auto flower seeds from ILGM.com.

Start your auto flower seeds early and indoors to get multiple crops out of the short Montana grow season. Learn more about how to have success with your crop in the free Marijuana Grow Bible.

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