Rosendale Issues Statement Justifying No Vote on House Resolution Supporting the Ukraine and We Respond

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Montana voted against supporting the people of the Ukraine when Matt Rosendale cast the states only vote in the US House of Representatives against a resolution supporting the people of Ukraine as they face full scale invasion by Russia. The resolution passed 426-3. Here is the statement that we received when we requested clarification about his vote:

It is tragic to see the loss of innocent life in Eastern Europe. If the White House would have acted stronger toward our foreign adversaries over the last 14 months, today’s events could have been avoided. I cannot support this resolution to send unlimited military, monetary, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine when the United States is failing to deal with crises impacting the safety and wellbeing of the American people. The invasion of illegal aliens flooding our southern border must be stopped, the opioid crisis must be dealt with, energy dominance must be restored, and the rise in crime and inflation must be resolved.”

The use of the word “invasion” with regards to the refugee crisis on the Southern border seems misguided when comparing the mobs of asylum seekers with the weapons of war Russia is utilizing to invade the Ukraine.

History has shown us what happens when a dictator is allowed to move unchecked through Europe. Russia’s aggression is not yet on par with the ambition of Nazi Germany. Will standing aside and allowing them to take over a fledgling Democracy embolden them to higher ambitions? Leaving them to annex Crimea did not stop further advancement against the Ukraine. Why would allowing them to take over Ukraine without resistance pacify them with regards to claiming more resources?

It is 100% true that all of the issues mentioned must be dealt with at home. However, refusing to stand up to a nuclear power violently assaulting an American ally for these reasons is akin to refusing to help a women being raped because you are focused on fixing your own marriage.

If America stands by in isolation while their allies face aggression of this caliber, America will very soon have no allies. Rosendale’s isolationist policy will leave China, Russia and whoever else to build empires that compete with and potentially supercede ours. It is vital that America stand with their ally Ukraine. It is vital that Montana stand with them too. We can do this and confront our challenges at home. The ideas do not have to be mutually exclusive.


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