Game On: Here are the First 3 School District Policies I am Opting out of When the Frontier Institute Gets Their Way

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Recently I was targeted by a sponsored ad by the Frontier Institute asking me to sign a petition supporting a parents right to “opt-out” of school district policies and take control of my child’s education. Here are a few thoughts that I put together with regards to exercising my rights as a parent.

  1. My kids are going to school armed
    District policy is that no weapons are allowed on campus, but I’m opting out. I don’t want my kids getting chopped up in the crossfire of a school shooting scenario, or ducking under their desk like pussies.
  2. We’re opting out of mandatory attendance policies
    Have you seen the cost of travel during Spring break, Winter break or Summer break? Our family is going to schedule all of our travel during the school year and save a ton of money.
  3. We’re opting out of common core math
    Have you seen this crap? It makes no sense at all. Teach the rest of the kiddos your new age math bullshit, my kids are going to do math the old fashion way and the school district is going to like it.

This might seem a bit absurd to some of you, and it absolutely is. The Frontier Institute is weaponizing an observation from a letter sent by the super-intendents of four school districts in the state in part criticizing the pursuit of legislation that would allow parents to opt out of school district policies and calling the idea “dangerous and absurd.” As you can see from the examples above, what could possibly go wrong?

Imagine how the workload of a teacher will change when they have to manage which policies the parents of each of the 18 kids in their class are opted into and out of? Instead of working on teaching the children to the best of their abilities, they will instead be buried in the individual expectations of each parent. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The Frontier Institute webpage promoting freedom in education mentions parents voicing opposition against mask mandates and critical race theory being taught in Montana classrooms.

“These debates have made Montana parents realize that the lack of education freedom in Montana poses a serious risk to their child’s education opportunities.”

The Frontier Institute is advancing the theory that parents are  “stuck with no control over what becomes of their child’s education.” Somehow they have determined that school districts are actually the enemy of a parents freedom to direct their child’s education. Luckily for parents everywhere, we have discovered a mechanism that allows parent and their community to have a voice in how their school district is run.

We’re happy to introduce the Frontier Institute and parents everywhere to a concept that we like to refer to as A SCHOOL BOARD! Parents and community members have the ability to elect representatives from their community that will oversee the actions of the school district staff and ensure that they are acting in the best interest of their community. The best part is that this program is already installed in most if not all communities across the state and will come at no extra cost to parents.

Through this revolutionary program parents can take an active roll in working with their school board members to ensure that their voice is heard. They have the ability to run for the board themselves or build coalitions of parents to back candidates that support their views and beliefs. The problem is of course that most parents can not be bothered to participate in this manner to improve the education system, so they would prefer instead to “opt-out.” A school where every parent got to pick and choose which policies they followed would increase the cost of education enormously and then the tax payers would have to pay for that.

Deeper in the agenda of the Frontier Institute appears to be support for public funds to be allocated to private schools, but that is a topic for another day. For now, we encourage you to go out and take control of your school district by participating in their school board and school board elections, rather than “opting-out.”

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