Ennis School District Misses Deadline for DEQ Lead Testing in Water Fixtures

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The Montana Department of Environmental Quality lists Ennis Schools as having missed the December 31, 2021 deadline to submit water samples for lead testing. Click here to see the DEQ Lead Sampling Page

Lead was eliminated from service in many pipes around the country in 1970 and the school was built in 1971, but the use of lead solder and flux in public plumbing was not made illegal until the Safe Drinking Water Act was amended in 1986.

Children are more susceptible to lead poisoning than adults because their brains and nervous systems are still developing. Twin Bridges School has a fixture come back with a 19ppm reading that required the fixture to be taken out of service and immediately replaced.

The following email was sent to cklasna@ennisschools.org on Friday March 4. We will publish the response to the email when it is received.

My name is Mati Bishop and I am working on a story about the DEQ Montana Lead in Schools program.  Their website shows that Ennis schools missed the deadline to submit their samples.  Here are a couple questions for the record

1.  Did Ennis schools submit samples for testing?  

2.  When was the last time the water fixtures were tested for Lead?  Is this a regularly scheduled test? 

3.  If the school did miss the deadline, why?

Please include any other comment you would like to have considered for the story.  

Apologies to make a first request one of this nature but I think this is an important program, especially since Twin Bridges had a fixture fail, and I’m hoping to discover that there are independent safety procedures in place at Ennis that I can share.  

I plan on writing and publishing this over the weekend.  If a response is received after publication I am happy to create a separate story with your response.  

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