Lead Testing Underway at Ennis Schools

Lead testing is underway at Ennis Schools according to superintendent Casey Klasna. The endeavor is a big one with over 100 faucets to test and a staff shortage and the final stages of Covid-19 protocols hampering the effort.

The testing is part of a new Montana Department of Equality program to help ensure that Montana’s children are safe when they are drinking water at the school. Roughly 60% of the schools in the state missed the initial deadline to submit samples for testing.

Klasna is in contact with and working directly with the DEQ to ensure that the samples are collected correctly. There is no penalty for the missed deadline, but the school is eager to make sure the tests are submitted and the new requirement is met.

The only real concerns about the school’s plumbing are at the high school, which was built in 1970. The Safe Water Drinking Act was amended by Congress in 1986 to prevent the use of lead in public water systems. The new portion of the school was built well after 1986.

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