Mati Bishop, Creator and Founder of the Montana Bugle. Realtor with Keller Williams Yellowstone Properties

Introducing the Bugle

Thank you for picking up a copy of the Montana
Bugle.   What you are holding in your hand is a piece of a print and digital media fusion project designed to provide quality content Montana readers.  

My hope is that this is also the coolest flier for a real estate agent that you have ever picked up.   In addition to providing some fun and information, this community outreach project is the most creative and valuable way that I can come up with to promote my real estate business with Keller Williams.  

The goal of the Montana Bugle is to provide quality content ranging from news to opinion to sports to fiction for people all over the state of Montana.   We’re assembling a team of creators, business owners, writers and adventurers to develop a one of a kind platform that will give a new option for their media to people all over the Treasure State.  

It’s a challenging time for our nation and for the state of Montana.   Times of change always are.   The Bugle is designed to focus on solutions to as many of those challenges as we can.   We don’t buy into the red and blue political environment.  We’re focused on being Americans first and seeking compromises between important concepts that can help our state and our nation move forward.   

You are highly likely to find some ideas that you don’t agree with in the Bugle or at MontanaBugle.com.   That’s exciting.   It provides an opportunity for us to learn and grow with each other.   When we encounter these issues, we can embrace our differences and use them to find common ground.   

I’m hopeful that you are also going to find some things that you love as part of this project.   Whether it is a fiction piece, podcast, sports coverage, new business feature or anything else, we need you to tell your friends about us.   That is how we grow.  

I’m also hopeful that when you hear of someone who needs to sell or buy a home or business, you will think of the guy who created an alternative newspaper to market his real estate business and give him the opportunity to use his creativity and passion to help your friends and neighbors with their real estate needs.   I’ve got an amazing team at Keller Williams and am ready to put them to work for you and your tribe. 

There are opportunities for like minded business owners and marketers to take advantage of in our efforts with the Bugle as well.   If you have an idea, reach out about it.   I’m looking forward to what we can build together.  

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Let’s make something together.

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