Bugle Radio is on the Air!

It’s a combination of music and mischief from Madison County, Montana and it is live for your listening pleasure today. Join Montana Bugle publisher Mati Bishop in an exploration of American music and life in Montana. It’s exclusively on Spotify and you must be a Spotify Premium listener to get the full versions of theContinue reading “Bugle Radio is on the Air!”

Coffee Grounds in My Oatmeal: An Opportunity for Mindfulness

My morning routine in the fall and winter starts by putting a kettle of water on to boil.  I then create the most incredible oatmeal that I can with ingredients from our cupboard and pantry.  Apricots, apples, coconut flake, almond butter, walnuts, berries, flax seed, chia, whatever I can find.  It is kinda like playingContinue reading “Coffee Grounds in My Oatmeal: An Opportunity for Mindfulness”

Catch Bugle Publisher Mati Bishop on NPR Discussing Rural Reaction to the Capitol Invasion

Montana Bugle Publisher Mati Bishop was interviewed by Nate Hegyi of Wyoming public radio about reactions from rural communities in the American West to the invasion of the US Capitol on January 6. Read or listen to the piece here https://www.boisestatepublicradio.org/post/rural-westerners-are-saddened-not-surprised-insurrection-us-capitol?fbclid=IwAR2AqnHkVYd4j43OWxUc9KpTk3_XZBZQJ_h8gcEB3Xi4zVwZVPMtc6K5M7o#stream/0

Beat This Bobby Flay: Inka Chef is my idea for the ultimate adventure cooking competition!

One of the things that was most impressive about our Inka Trail trek was the quality of the food that we were served and the primitive conditions that it was prepared in.  This off the beaten path gourmet experience led me to come up with the idea for a cooking show that would showcase justContinue reading “Beat This Bobby Flay: Inka Chef is my idea for the ultimate adventure cooking competition!”

Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting

Good skeet shooters think very little when they shoot successfully.   They say pull, react to the situation and the clay disintegrates.   It’s akin to a Zen meditation where the mind is not the driving influence of the action.   Often when they miss, they know exactly what happens, usually before they pull the trigger.   Their mindContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting”

Creating Facts for Every Belief

Look at history and you see countless examples of facts changing with human understanding.   If this was not true, we still would believe the Earth was flat and in the center of the Universe.   We have evidence now that those things are not true.   The facts have changed.   Or have they? There are still peopleContinue reading “Creating Facts for Every Belief”

A Hidden Gem at McAllister Inn

The navigation system in the car indicated that we had five miles to go before our destination when the sign for McAllister Inn caught my eye and made my heart sink.   The roadside strip motel was a far cry from our usual off the beaten path accommodation choices.   Mel had chosen this one and sheContinue reading “A Hidden Gem at McAllister Inn”

Microbrew Bar Crawl Miles City Style

The bar tender at the Trail’s End on Main street stood behind the array of microbrew taps like gambler appraising a block of old-school one-armed bandit slot machines looking for a winner.   His first pull was a peach wheat beer from Meadowlark Brewery who proudly brews in Sidney.   It won.   The light, peach forward flavorContinue reading “Microbrew Bar Crawl Miles City Style”

The American Bill of Responsibilities

Our founding fathers laid a groundbreaking path forward for us as a nation that values freedom and liberty when they created the bill of rights.   The first 10 amendments to the Constitution only create half the foundation needed for us to manage the wealthiest populace in the history of the World.   With rights come responsibilities.  Continue reading “The American Bill of Responsibilities”