Modern Hippy Heaven at Norris Hot Springs

I was fascinated by the wood bottom of the large soaking pool at Norris Hot Springs.   Convinced at first that I would get splinters, then soothed by the feel of the mineral water treated planks on the bottoms of my feet.   It was just one of many small touches that add up to make NorrisContinue reading “Modern Hippy Heaven at Norris Hot Springs”

The Kootenai Project Chapter 3 – Approaching the Breaking Point

The CARD clinic office was packed again.   Dr. Whyte had been out for three days and the backlog of patients waiting to be seen was getting out of control.   People were sick, people were scared and all Julie Reynolds could do was sit at the front desk, nearing her breaking point, and listenContinue reading “The Kootenai Project Chapter 3 – Approaching the Breaking Point”

The Kootenai Project Chapter 2 – Questions without Answers

“Americano?”“Yep.”“Big one?”“Yep.”“To go?”“Yep.” The scene played out pretty much the same every morning.  Neil Roberts stopped for coffee between 8-8:15 every day on his way to work.   Sheila Priest ran through the basic questions that highlighted the only subtle changes in Neil’s daily routine.    Today was going to be a bit different.   “TheyContinue reading “The Kootenai Project Chapter 2 – Questions without Answers”

The Kootenai Project Chapter 1 – Predator and Prey

The wrestling slurping sound floated up the ravine as the creature fed by the small creek.  The hunter’s blood boiled.   It was the fucking wolves again.   Probably eating a calf elk.   He’d fix this one.    The creature moved, obscured by the brush and trees at the edge of the creek.   HeContinue reading “The Kootenai Project Chapter 1 – Predator and Prey”

A Novice RC Experience with Team Big Chongus and Kootenai RC Racers

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Kootenai Radio Control Racers carpet series event at the VFW in Libby was that there were very few kids. My drivers were age 10 and six with zero experience and we had just walked into a room full of very serious looking men and womenContinue reading “A Novice RC Experience with Team Big Chongus and Kootenai RC Racers”

Sweet Potatoes for Athletes and Everyone

Sweet potatoes are the secret weapon when it comes to cooking for guests who are athletically inclined.  We’re not talking about the marshmallow covered yam dish that comes with Thanksgiving dinner, we’re talking about a flavorful and super healthy addition to my culinary arsenal that is higher in fiber and lower on the glycemic indexContinue reading “Sweet Potatoes for Athletes and Everyone”

PBR is Not Your Grand Daddy’s Rodeo

The Professional Bull Riding tour is not your granddaddy’s rodeo.  It features Rank bulls, fearless riders and flaming dirt and bills itself as America’s original extreme sport.  The rodeo roots of the sport combine with pop culture, dance music and modern athletic training and conditioning to create a spectacle unlike any other.     The performanceContinue reading “PBR is Not Your Grand Daddy’s Rodeo”

2020, and the strange intersection of faith and politics

This is a special contribution to the Montana Bugle from Travis Mewhirter. Check out his website for more. I had one of the more bizarre interactions I’ve had in quite some time the other day. Not that this is unusual. It’s 2020, after all. Bizarre is the norm, especially when it comes to socialContinue reading “2020, and the strange intersection of faith and politics”

Destination Coffee: Aunt T’s Coffee Corner in Libby

Off the beaten path is exactly where Randa Holm and Aunt T’s Coffee Corner like to be.    In a town full of drive through espresso catering to those passing through on Highway 2, Aunt T’s is a sanctuary for folks who yearn to slow down, sit down and be at piece with their caffeine consumption.   Continue reading “Destination Coffee: Aunt T’s Coffee Corner in Libby”

Olympic Climbing Set to Take the World by Storm in 2021

Olympic rock climbing is going to take the World by storm after its debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.    It’s simplicity combined with the drama and intrigue created when the best athletes in the World compete to make mind blowing move, after mind blowing move, is the stuff that prime-time sports ratings are made of.Continue reading “Olympic Climbing Set to Take the World by Storm in 2021”