It’s Time to Stop Winning

America is a nation divided.  It’s not a division of black and white, it’s a division of red and blue that is stretching the fabric of our society towards it breaking point.  The two-party political system has devolved to an us and them slugfest with each party working non-stop to land a blow against theirContinue reading “It’s Time to Stop Winning”

The Respect Brian Schmetzer Deserves

If Brian Schmetzer was anyone else and coached anywhere else, he would be hands down considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of American Soccer. He’s got the highest winning percentage of any Major League Soccer coach with over 70 matches coached. He’s led his squad to four of the last five leagueContinue reading “The Respect Brian Schmetzer Deserves”

Three Tips for Success When Selling Your Home

We are in a sellers’ market right now, but that doesn’t mean that selling your home is going to easy, unless you make the right moves with your listing.  Here are three tips that will help you ensure you get the best value for your property.  Pricing is EverythingA properly priced home will move quicklyContinue reading “Three Tips for Success When Selling Your Home”

Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market

While Lincoln County has not had the same kind of growth that Flathead or Gallatin County have experienced this year, there have still been a lot of changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three stats from that give us some insight into what is happening in the Northwest corner ofContinue reading “Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market”

“Uprising: The Fall of Man” Chapter 1

Old Man Stories & Starvation The inside of the cave was habitable.   Dark, drafty, but habitable.  Barely.  A small fire burned in the corner.   A single chair and a dilapidated cheap plastic patio table were the only furnishings.   “A visitor, at this hour?” said the old man not turning from his seat at the fire.  Continue reading ““Uprising: The Fall of Man” Chapter 1″

Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?

Turn, step, draw, shoot.   It is the fifth stage of my first United States Practical Shooters Association tactical pistol event and I have made it this far without being disqualified.   This is the hardest stage yet, with the most opportunity to break the range safety rules and I’m a bit nervous on the starting block. Continue reading “Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?”

The Wolf in the Mirror

Jackson, WY  2016 The 3/4 moon danced in and out of the clouds creating shadows that danced over the cold barren landscape.    Hungry and weary from a difficult journey, a herd of elk arrived in the Elk reserve ready for an easy meal and relative shelter from the elements.   The moon went behind a cloudContinue reading “The Wolf in the Mirror”

Is Montana Booming?

Montana is firmly in the crosshairs of migrating tech workers with high paying jobs and disposable income to spend looking for a new home.   COVID-19, civil unrest, high costs of living and low quality of life has them leaving big cities around the country.   Their newfound ability to work remotely has them looking for newContinue reading “Is Montana Booming?”

Tom Waits Songs for Country Music Fans

Tom Waits has created some of the most amazing chronicles of the American condition every recorded.   He captures the life of ordinary and extraordinaire people in the same manner that John Steinbeck layered his novels with  raw emotion.   Sorting through the wild ride that has been Tom Waits  career to find the country masterpieces isContinue reading “Tom Waits Songs for Country Music Fans”