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The Bugle Climbers are based out of Libby Gym in Libby, Montana created to provide access to the sport of rock climbing for youth and adults.  

Proceeds from club activities go to purchase additional holds and equipment, fund learning and competition
opportunities for its members and promote the sport of rock climbing in the community. 

Bugle Climbers Libby Membership

This one year membership gives you special access to programs from the Bugle Climbers Club. It does not include access to Libby Gym. The cost of membership includes a Bugle Climbers T-Shirt and proceeds go towards purchasing additional equipment for the facility and learning opportunities for our members.


Bugle Climbers Programs
Bugle Climbers is a group designed to help develop friendships between people who enjoy climbing in the communities of Libby, Troy and the surrounding areas.    Activities will include the following:

· Cooperative Climbing Sessions (Co-op Sessions) where climbers meet climb together and share experiences with the intention of working together to improve as climbers.   These are loosely organized sessions and usually involve some sort of training game followed by free climbing.   

· Climbing Clinics  Occasionally members will work together to share the cost of bringing a climbing instructor to the area to teach techniques that are not often covered in Co-op Sessions by members of our group.  

· Climbing Competitions   Special competitive events will be held at Libby Gym so climbers can challenge themselves and compete against their peers.    Challenges will be created that utilize the special aspects of the Libby Gym facility to test the climbers and train for more conventional travel events that competitors may choose to attend.  

· Travel Competitions   Athletes can choose to travel to gyms in Missoula, Spokane, or other locations for USA Climbing Sanctioned competitions.  

· Climbing Trips   Athletes may choose to organize and travel together to climb different indoor and outdoor locations.  

Bugle Climbers Cost
The cost of an annual membership in Bugle Climbers is $25 and includes a t-shirt.   It does not include the cost of access to Libby Gym which is available either monthly or on a drop in basis.   It also does not include the cost of travel, special events, USA Climbing Membership or any other costs associated with participating in special activities.   All special activities are optional.   Funds used from membership fees will be used to support the structure of the organization and purchase equipment for the Libby Gym facility.

About Rock Climbing
In 2021 sport climbing will debut at the Tokyo Olympics.    The competition features three disciplines; lead climbing, bouldering and speed climbing.    The basic climbing skills used for the three disciplines are the same and very similar to the techniques used in outdoor climbing.   The Olympic competition will be help on a simulated wall similar to the ones available in climbing gyms around the country.    Training for both sport and outdoor climbing in a gym environment increases strength, flexibility and builds confidence.  

Libby Gym Climbing Walls
Libby Gym has three separate climbing walls.   Holds are distributed over the walls and routes or challenges are created to test the climber’s skill and physical fitness.   Routes are changed periodically to help climbers develop different skills and keep the sport fresh and exciting.   All of the walls currently available at Libby Gym are bouldering walls, meaning that no ropes are required for climbing because the top of the routes is less than 14 feet off the ground.   Mattresses are on the ground below the routes to cushion falls.  

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