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We’ve partnered with I Love Growing Marijuana to provide our readers with special deals on some of the best cannabis seeds available. They provide the top resources available for growers including the free Grow Bible download to help ensure that best chance of success when you purchase their seeds. Make sure to click the links to that are available in our site. That way, when you get your seeds and supplies, you’ll be supporting the Montana Bugle too!

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Strawberry Kush, Chocolope and Super Silver Haze Among Strains Highlighting’s Valentine’s Seed Sale!

Growing season is just around the corner and has put some of their most unique strains on sale for Valentine’s Day! What better way to show your cannabis connoisseur some love than by gifting them the ability to create something worth talking about this Summer.? Here are three strains that we are most excited…

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Five Reasons to Buy Seeds Through

The Montanan Bugle looked far and wide for a partner to provide high quality cannabis seeds for our readers. In addition to having an amazing selection of strains in both feminized and auto-flower varieties, sets themselves apart in the industry by offering guarantees and customer service that are unrivaled. Here are the five reasons…

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3 Legendary Strains in One Autoflower Seed Pack

Here’s the ultimate starter pack for your grow adventure. Girl Scout Cookies, Master Gorilla Glue and Bruce Banner are three amazing strains with different flavors and effects that will create a well rounded experience. The best part is that these are autoflowering seeds, which means they will go from veg to flower without manipulation of…

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Sour Diesel Sativa Dominant Hybrid Seeds

Here’s a great addition to your home garden. Sour Diesel is a stinky reletive of the Skunk family that was made by crossing Chemdawg and SuperSkunk. It’s a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid that provides a dreamy euphoric high. THC levels regularly top 20% with home grown Sour Diesel. Click Here to Get All the Details…

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