Murder in Greenhouse 2 – Chapter 1

A Canni-Mystery from the mind of Mati Bishop Looking the other way had always been Henry’s modus operandi.  That’s the only reason he had survived this long working for Derick Talon.  Today however, may have been too much.  His shaking hand fumbled across his nightstand in the dark.  Past the empty whiskey bottle to findContinue reading “Murder in Greenhouse 2 – Chapter 1”

Bugle Radio is Back with a Tribute to Big Momma and the Long Branch Saloon

The longest running bar in Ennis is getting new ownership and a local legend is riding off into the sunset. Thanks Big Momma for your service. Here’s a musical salute to you. Enjoy that cruise. Click Here to Listen to Bugle Radio on Spotify Spotify Premium listeners will get the complete show. Non-premium listeners willContinue reading “Bugle Radio is Back with a Tribute to Big Momma and the Long Branch Saloon”

The Terrible Ballad of Nevar Rockhard

“That Bitch.  That bitch.  THAT BITCH!” Six boots belonging to three loggers took turns pounding into Nevar Rockhard’s ribs, arms and head.  Blood trickled from a perfectly manicured, but broken fingernail as he curled his body tighter into the turtle position and continued to absorb punishment from the loggers’ boots.   Less than an hour agoContinue reading “The Terrible Ballad of Nevar Rockhard”

Celebrate the End of Prohibition on 4-20 at Honey Sour in Bozeman

Prohibition is over in Montana and now that some of the wrinkles of the new adult use cannabis market are starting to work themselves out, it’s time to celebrate! Honey Sour (formerly Canna Connection) is hosting live music, a free BBQ, special speakers and more from 4-8pm on April 20th at their new Bozeman locationContinue reading “Celebrate the End of Prohibition on 4-20 at Honey Sour in Bozeman”

Keyboard Commando Cage Combat

ConceptThe Keyboard Commando Fight Nights series creates events where people can find an outlet for their social media angst in sanctioned, safe, amateur fights against other keyboard commandos. The keyboard commandos can use their fight publicity to raise money for a cause, themselves or their community. Objectives Provide an entertaining venue to get people whoContinue reading “Keyboard Commando Cage Combat”

Playlist: Bugle Radio Favorites

Hank 3 said it best when he sang “Pop Country Really Sucks.” Our Bugle Favorites playlist features a mix of old school country, country covers and some of the best new school “country” from the Americana category. Expect Tyler Childers, Corb Lund, Johnny Cash, Old Crow Medicine Show, Tom Waits, Dwight Yoakum and a collectionContinue reading “Playlist: Bugle Radio Favorites”

Experience “The Gift” of Johnny Cash

The World didn’t know what to do with Johnny Cash when he found fame, and most of us still don’t. A country music Icon turned activist, Cash became the vision of the American condition to the weak, downtrodden and weary. Experience the story of an imperfect man battling to better an imperfect World.

Bugle Radio is on the Air!

It’s a combination of music and mischief from Madison County, Montana and it is live for your listening pleasure today. Join Montana Bugle publisher Mati Bishop in an exploration of American music and life in Montana. It’s exclusively on Spotify and you must be a Spotify Premium listener to get the full versions of theContinue reading “Bugle Radio is on the Air!”

A Hidden Gem at McAllister Inn

The navigation system in the car indicated that we had five miles to go before our destination when the sign for McAllister Inn caught my eye and made my heart sink.   The roadside strip motel was a far cry from our usual off the beaten path accommodation choices.   Mel had chosen this one and sheContinue reading “A Hidden Gem at McAllister Inn”