How Do We Live in a Country Where We are Still Banning Books?

On May 10, 1933 the Nazi party hosted the most notorious book burning in history. It’s estimated that more than 25,000 books across Germany were burned in a single day. The images that came from the event brought outrage and protest in America along with a shift in strategy by those who wish to controlContinue reading “How Do We Live in a Country Where We are Still Banning Books?”

Start Your Day with a Tribe of Mentors

Advice is easy to come by, great advice, not so much. Thanks to bestselling author and podcaster Tim Ferris, you can start your day with easy to digest nuggets of advice from a collection of the most successful people in the World. The variety of contributors to the Tribe of Mentors is as varied asContinue reading “Start Your Day with a Tribe of Mentors”

Coffee Grounds in My Oatmeal: An Opportunity for Mindfulness

My morning routine in the fall and winter starts by putting a kettle of water on to boil.  I then create the most incredible oatmeal that I can with ingredients from our cupboard and pantry.  Apricots, apples, coconut flake, almond butter, walnuts, berries, flax seed, chia, whatever I can find.  It is kinda like playingContinue reading “Coffee Grounds in My Oatmeal: An Opportunity for Mindfulness”

The Wolf in the Mirror

Jackson, WY  2016 The 3/4 moon danced in and out of the clouds creating shadows that danced over the cold barren landscape.    Hungry and weary from a difficult journey, a herd of elk arrived in the Elk reserve ready for an easy meal and relative shelter from the elements.   The moon went behind a cloudContinue reading “The Wolf in the Mirror”