Three Tips for Success When Selling Your Home

We are in a sellers’ market right now, but that doesn’t mean that selling your home is going to easy, unless you make the right moves with your listing.  Here are three tips that will help you ensure you get the best value for your property.  Pricing is EverythingA properly priced home will move quicklyContinue reading “Three Tips for Success When Selling Your Home”

Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market

While Lincoln County has not had the same kind of growth that Flathead or Gallatin County have experienced this year, there have still been a lot of changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three stats from that give us some insight into what is happening in the Northwest corner ofContinue reading “Three Stats that Show the Madness that is the Current Lincoln County Housing Market”

Is Montana Booming?

Montana is firmly in the crosshairs of migrating tech workers with high paying jobs and disposable income to spend looking for a new home.   COVID-19, civil unrest, high costs of living and low quality of life has them leaving big cities around the country.   Their newfound ability to work remotely has them looking for newContinue reading “Is Montana Booming?”