Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting

Good skeet shooters think very little when they shoot successfully.   They say pull, react to the situation and the clay disintegrates.   It’s akin to a Zen meditation where the mind is not the driving influence of the action.   Often when they miss, they know exactly what happens, usually before they pull the trigger.   Their mindContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting”

Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?

Turn, step, draw, shoot.   It is the fifth stage of my first United States Practical Shooters Association tactical pistol event and I have made it this far without being disqualified.   This is the hardest stage yet, with the most opportunity to break the range safety rules and I’m a bit nervous on the starting block. Continue reading “Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?”