Keyboard Commando Cage Combat

ConceptThe Keyboard Commando Fight Nights series creates events where people can find an outlet for their social media angst in sanctioned, safe, amateur fights against other keyboard commandos. The keyboard commandos can use their fight publicity to raise money for a cause, themselves or their community. Objectives Provide an entertaining venue to get people whoContinue reading “Keyboard Commando Cage Combat”

3 Reasons to Boycott the China Olympics and 2 Easy & Effective Ways to Do It

The Olympics are a symbol of World Unity developed to create a level playing field so that the best athletes in the World can represent their country in competition. Even a cursory look at China’s recent human rights record shows that their national policy is not in line with the spirit of the games. IfContinue reading “3 Reasons to Boycott the China Olympics and 2 Easy & Effective Ways to Do It”

Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting

Good skeet shooters think very little when they shoot successfully.   They say pull, react to the situation and the clay disintegrates.   It’s akin to a Zen meditation where the mind is not the driving influence of the action.   Often when they miss, they know exactly what happens, usually before they pull the trigger.   Their mindContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Skeet Shooting”

PBR is Not Your Grand Daddy’s Rodeo

The Professional Bull Riding tour is not your granddaddy’s rodeo.  It features Rank bulls, fearless riders and flaming dirt and bills itself as America’s original extreme sport.  The rodeo roots of the sport combine with pop culture, dance music and modern athletic training and conditioning to create a spectacle unlike any other.     The performanceContinue reading “PBR is Not Your Grand Daddy’s Rodeo”

Olympic Climbing Set to Take the World by Storm in 2021

Olympic rock climbing is going to take the World by storm after its debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.    It’s simplicity combined with the drama and intrigue created when the best athletes in the World compete to make mind blowing move, after mind blowing move, is the stuff that prime-time sports ratings are made of.Continue reading “Olympic Climbing Set to Take the World by Storm in 2021”

The Respect Brian Schmetzer Deserves

If Brian Schmetzer was anyone else and coached anywhere else, he would be hands down considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of American Soccer. He’s got the highest winning percentage of any Major League Soccer coach with over 70 matches coached. He’s led his squad to four of the last five leagueContinue reading “The Respect Brian Schmetzer Deserves”

Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?

Turn, step, draw, shoot.   It is the fifth stage of my first United States Practical Shooters Association tactical pistol event and I have made it this far without being disqualified.   This is the hardest stage yet, with the most opportunity to break the range safety rules and I’m a bit nervous on the starting block. Continue reading “Do You Have What it Takes to be the Fastest Shot in Montana?”

All Hail the Kings and Queens of Carve

Wind whips across your face as you drop hard into a big sweeping turn.   Gravity pushes you into the chalky, groomed, “corduroy” snow as you your edge grabs and tears at its surface bringing you back around into a long traverse across the run so you can experience it all again on the other side. Continue reading “All Hail the Kings and Queens of Carve”

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