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Lead Testing Underway at Ennis Schools

Lead testing is underway at Ennis Schools according to superintendent Casey Klasna. The endeavor is a big one with over 100 faucets to test and a staff shortage and the final stages of Covid-19 protocols hampering the effort. The testing is part of a new Montana Department of Equality program to help ensure that Montana’s…

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“The United States has No Legal or Moral Obligation to come to the aid of either side in this foreign conflict.” -Representative Matt Rosendale (R MT)

Montana’s only member of the US House of Representatives, Matt Rosendale, has introduced legislation that will ban any aide for the Ukraine until the Southern Border of the United States is “secured” according to From “The Secure America’s Borders First Act would ban the use of federal dollars to assist Ukraine until the U.S.-Mexico border…

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The Bugle has Landed

This issue features Montana Values according to Grandpa Shaw. Plus the first chapter of two fiction projects, sports, outdoors, cannabis and more… Download it here to enjoy later

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Republican State Senator Calling for Local Housing Reforms

We need more housingBy: Sen. Greg Hertz, R-Polson Montana has been discovered. We were the second-fastest-growing state in the country last year. Our rapidly increasing population presents many challenges and opportunities, and it’s also driving a lot of unease among many of us who’ve lived here for a long time.  Whether you love it or…

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Cannabis Lover’s Cup Coming to Missoula February 23rd

Less than two months after adult use marijuana sales became legal in Montana will get it’s first ever Cannabis Lover’s Cup hosted by Montana Cannabis Weekly. The award ceremony will be held February 23rd at Draught Works Brewery in Missoula. Dispensaries were allowed to enter one strain each in the event to be entered into…

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How Do We Live in a Country Where We are Still Banning Books?

On May 10, 1933 the Nazi party hosted the most notorious book burning in history. It’s estimated that more than 25,000 books across Germany were burned in a single day. The images that came from the event brought outrage and protest in America along with a shift in strategy by those who wish to control…

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Catch Bugle Publisher Mati Bishop on NPR Discussing Rural Reaction to the Capitol Invasion

Montana Bugle Publisher Mati Bishop was interviewed by Nate Hegyi of Wyoming public radio about reactions from rural communities in the American West to the invasion of the US Capitol on January 6. Read or listen to the piece here

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Creating Facts for Every Belief

Look at history and you see countless examples of facts changing with human understanding.   If this was not true, we still would believe the Earth was flat and in the center of the Universe.   We have evidence now that those things are not true.   The facts have changed.   Or have they? There are still people…

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The American Bill of Responsibilities

Our founding fathers laid a groundbreaking path forward for us as a nation that values freedom and liberty when they created the bill of rights.   The first 10 amendments to the Constitution only create half the foundation needed for us to manage the wealthiest populace in the history of the World.   With rights come responsibilities.  …

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2020, and the strange intersection of faith and politics

This is a special contribution to the Montana Bugle from Travis Mewhirter. Check out his website for more. I had one of the more bizarre interactions I’ve had in quite some time the other day. Not that this is unusual. It’s 2020, after all. Bizarre is the norm, especially when it comes to social…

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It’s Time to Stop Winning

America is a nation divided.  It’s not a division of black and white, it’s a division of red and blue that is stretching the fabric of our society towards it breaking point.  The two-party political system has devolved to an us and them slugfest with each party working non-stop to land a blow against their…

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America Can Never Be Fair

Fair can never be an American value because fairness is in the eye of the beholder.   Any situation can be construed to be fair or unfair depending on the viewpoint presented.   That is why it is such an effective strawman argument on social media and in political discourse.   Whether it is concerning the appointment of…

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