Throughout history there has been no better place to explore ideas than through the imagination. We’re stoked to bring some imagination to our readers.

Murder in Greenhouse 2 – Chapter 1

A Canni-Mystery from the mind of Mati Bishop Looking the other way had always been Henry’s modus operandi.  That’s the only reason he had survived this long working for Derick Talon.  Today however, may have been too much.  His shaking hand fumbled across his nightstand in the dark.  Past the empty whiskey bottle to find…

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The Terrible Ballad of Nevar Rockhard

“That Bitch.  That bitch.  THAT BITCH!” Six boots belonging to three loggers took turns pounding into Nevar Rockhard’s ribs, arms and head.  Blood trickled from a perfectly manicured, but broken fingernail as he curled his body tighter into the turtle position and continued to absorb punishment from the loggers’ boots.   Less than an hour ago…

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The Kootenai Project Chapter 2 – Questions without Answers

“Americano?”“Yep.”“Big one?”“Yep.”“To go?”“Yep.” The scene played out pretty much the same every morning.  Neil Roberts stopped for coffee between 8-8:15 every day on his way to work.   Sheila Priest ran through the basic questions that highlighted the only subtle changes in Neil’s daily routine.    Today was going to be a bit different.   “They…

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The Kootenai Project Chapter 1 – Predator and Prey

The wrestling slurping sound floated up the ravine as the creature fed by the small creek.  The hunter’s blood boiled.   It was the fucking wolves again.   Probably eating a calf elk.   He’d fix this one.    The creature moved, obscured by the brush and trees at the edge of the creek.   He…

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“Uprising: The Fall of Man” Chapter 1

Old Man Stories & Starvation The inside of the cave was habitable.   Dark, drafty, but habitable.  Barely.  A small fire burned in the corner.   A single chair and a dilapidated cheap plastic patio table were the only furnishings.   “A visitor, at this hour?” said the old man not turning from his seat at the fire.  …

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