Why be a consumer when you can be a connoisseur? Let’s be conscious of what we are consuming in the food, drink and cannabis categories.

Celebrate the End of Prohibition on 4-20 at Honey Sour in Bozeman

Prohibition is over in Montana and now that some of the wrinkles of the new adult use cannabis market are starting to work themselves out, it’s time to celebrate! Honey Sour (formerly Canna Connection) is hosting live music, a free BBQ, special speakers and more from 4-8pm on April 20th at their new Bozeman location…

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Ode to Gelato: A Delicious Strain that is Easy to Grow

One of the best experiences that I have had in recent memory is an evening stretch complimented by a puff of Gelato #41. My mind was crystal clear and I could feel and relax every tight or aching muscle in my body. It was better than any massage or chiropractic adjustment that I could have…

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Two Signature Strains Arrive at Canna Connection

Banana Cookies and Gelato #41 are the first two strains out of production at the Canna Connection cultivation center in Ennis, MT. Initial feedback says the finished product was well worth the wait. The Canna Connection production team is sending a clear message to craft cannabis connoisseurs all over Montana, they will be a team…

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Five Reasons to Buy Seeds Through

The Montanan Bugle looked far and wide for a partner to provide high quality cannabis seeds for our readers. In addition to having an amazing selection of strains in both feminized and auto-flower varieties, sets themselves apart in the industry by offering guarantees and customer service that are unrivaled. Here are the five reasons…

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All of the Flower, None of the Smoke with the Wulf Next Vaporizer

What if you could smoke weed without smoking weed? It’s a tempting, true and not quite accurate statement all rolled into one. The Wulf Next does indeed allow consumption of marijuana flower without burning the flower so you don’t have carbon and tar from burning your weed in your lungs. For an old school smoker,…

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Canna Connection Starts the New Year with 8 Strains over 30% THC

DisclaimerAll Cannabis reviews done by are independent and no compensation was received from the licensee being reviewed. Thanks for trusting for your cannabis news and reviews. Recreational cannabis sales start for everyone over 21 years old in the state of Montana on January 1, 2022. Cannabis production license holders have spent the last…

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Microbrew Bar Crawl Miles City Style

The bar tender at the Trail’s End on Main street stood behind the array of microbrew taps like gambler appraising a block of old-school one-armed bandit slot machines looking for a winner.   His first pull was a peach wheat beer from Meadowlark Brewery who proudly brews in Sidney.   It won.   The light, peach forward flavor…

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Sweet Potatoes for Athletes and Everyone

Sweet potatoes are the secret weapon when it comes to cooking for guests who are athletically inclined.  We’re not talking about the marshmallow covered yam dish that comes with Thanksgiving dinner, we’re talking about a flavorful and super healthy addition to my culinary arsenal that is higher in fiber and lower on the glycemic index…

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Destination Coffee: Aunt T’s Coffee Corner in Libby

Off the beaten path is exactly where Randa Holm and Aunt T’s Coffee Corner like to be.    In a town full of drive through espresso catering to those passing through on Highway 2, Aunt T’s is a sanctuary for folks who yearn to slow down, sit down and be at piece with their caffeine consumption.   …

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Francis Mallman: King of Food and Fire

Cooking with fire is the hallmark of Francis Mallmann’s style.  He hails from deep in Patagonia, Chile, but his bold rustic cooking and way of life are world renowned and could just as easily be from the rustic, outdoor minded Inland NW.   Mallmann owns nine restaurants located all around the world, but chooses to make…

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