My Montana Project

Preserving Land for Agriculture, Hunting, Wildlife & Recreation

Created by Bugle Properties

We’re Uniting Home Owners to Conserve our Montana Way of Life

The My Montana Project works with land owners and the general public to use conservation easements to preserve properties for agriculture, hunting & fishing access, wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation. We’re working tirelessly to preserve Montana’s culture and heritage. Here are some ways that you can help:

  1. Buy a property that has an existing conservation easement.
  2. Establish a conservation easement on your property or purchase a property and establich a conservation easement.
  3. Buy or sell your home or land with us so that the proceeds we earn can help further the My Montana Project.
  4. Contribute to one of our targeted conservation projects.

Let’s Talk about Buying or Selling Land with a Conservation Easement

Support the My Montana Project

Buy or Sell a Land with a Conservation Easement

Our passion is helping people dedicated to conservation buy and sell properties with conservation easements. Whether you want to preserve our agricultural heritage, fishing and hunting access, wildlife habitat or outdoor recreation, we are here to work with you to make it happen. Email to get started.

Work with Bugle Properties on non-conservation property services

Even if you don’t have a property that is appropriate for a conservation easement, you can support our efforts by taking advantage of our other property services. We offer seller and buyer services in addition to vacation rental management and caretaker services. Call 406-209-8311 to get started.

Contribute to a targeted conservation project

Periodically Bugle Properties will participate in targeted conservation projects that help protect specific pieces of land for future generations. There are currently no projects in progress. Visit in the future to learn about targeted conservation projects.

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