Few things are more core to the American experience than time in the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing and conservation are all an integral part of what it means to be an American.

Between Two Bugles

We hunkered down along the trail as the leaves crunched in the distance.   Something big was moving, then it bugled again leaving no doubt what it was coming our way.   Seconds later, another bugle, this time behind us.  Adrenaline poured through our veins.   Today was off to a great start.   We’d left the truck barely…

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Elk and Wolves by the Numbers

How much of an impact are wolves having on elk herds and are hunters suffering because of them?   If you ask a hunter, the answer is of course yes.   Every season that doesn’t result in a kill is a victory for the wolves.   If you ask a conservationist, they are likely to point their finger…

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The Wolf in the Mirror

Jackson, WY  2016 The 3/4 moon danced in and out of the clouds creating shadows that danced over the cold barren landscape.    Hungry and weary from a difficult journey, a herd of elk arrived in the Elk reserve ready for an easy meal and relative shelter from the elements.   The moon went behind a cloud…

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