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Fat Guy vs The Inka Trail

In February of 2015, my wife and her best friend decided that we were all going to trek over the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu.  A trip to Peru had long been on my wife’s friends bucket list and now we had our reservation and were all set to visit Machu Picchu in style.  It…

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A Hidden Gem at McAllister Inn

The navigation system in the car indicated that we had five miles to go before our destination when the sign for McAllister Inn caught my eye and made my heart sink.   The roadside strip motel was a far cry from our usual off the beaten path accommodation choices.   Mel had chosen this one and she…

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Modern Hippy Heaven at Norris Hot Springs

I was fascinated by the wood bottom of the large soaking pool at Norris Hot Springs.   Convinced at first that I would get splinters, then soothed by the feel of the mineral water treated planks on the bottoms of my feet.   It was just one of many small touches that add up to make Norris…

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