Uprising Bushido Club

The Uprising Bushido club is a community project based in Ennis. Montana created to enhance the health, wellness and readiness of our community while honoring the Bushido Code of the Samurai.

The services and programs offered by Uprising Bushido Club are designed to provide fun, healthy and informational activities for our community members.

MMA/Kickboxing Training Cooperative
Our martial arts training cooperative provides people who want the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of martial arts training a group of like minded people to train with. Members have the opportunity to share their knowledge and grow together in these loosely organized sessions. Email MontanaBugle@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of the group.

Self Defense
Uprising Bushido club provides self defense clinics for adults and juniors to improve safety and readiness in our community. Email MontanaBugle@gmail.com to get on the email list for future clinics.

Non-Contact Fitness Classes
Get all the benefits of kickboxing training combined with simple body weight resistance exercises designed to improve cardio, muscle tone, strength and balance. Email MontanaBugle@gmail.com to get yourself of the list for upcoming classes.

Uprising Archery
Uprising Archery is a game of “tag” with foam tipped arrows and 25lb recurve bows. There are a ton of formats including capture the flag, dodgeball and cross country hunts. We can also use our Uprising Archery kits to create live role playing adventures. Email Montana Bugle@gmail.com to get on the list for more info about upcoming events.

Esports Call of Duty Clan
Search UprisingBC and join our Call of Duty Mobile Clan. We’re working on more ways to incorporate Esports and virtual reality into our training. Stay tuned for more.

Shooting Sports
We’re working to create a community of competitors to participate in shooting events including United States Practical Shooting Association events and 3D archery events. Email montanabugle@gmail.com if you want to be part of the team.

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